The pursuit of efficiency is not merely an option but a necessity. Stakeholders expect and demand high productivity. All organisations, be it an NGO, Government institution or a business, must be efficient in the use of scarce resources and deliver high quality products and services effectively.

CEOs, CFOs, HR Managers and departmental heads are challenged to answer one question: 

What is the optimum number of staff required to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan?

Very often, managers do not have practical tools to determine the staff required to handle the workload in each department and unit. Estimates using common sense cannot satisfy the stakeholders. This situation leads to several problems:

  • Staff and managers complain about work overload.
  • Funders and donors of NGOs and government demand efficiency. Each dollar should produce maximum value.
  •  Business owners expect high productivity and profitability.
  • And nobody wants to hear the stories of staff burn out.
Here is the good news. Future Options’ WorkloadAudit services are a data driven, technology-based solution that is used to determine the optimum staff number at the unit, department project and organisational level.

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